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Let’s Get Down To Business

Where the whole title came from anyway.

Well, at some point in my life’s journey I just started living with a guy. No, we didn’t date. We hardly even knew each other and somehow we just kind of started living together. You’ll be hearing a lot about him in the coming posts.

Funny thing is, he lives in a 5 star hotel in Beverly Hills. In all reality, that’s where he’s lived for quite some time. His parents are always moving (nothing sketch, I promise) and living in a place like this costs just about as much as leasing a house they would prefer. I won’t name names or places but that’s where I currently reside. We wash our clothes in the bathtub, which the maids must find completely odd. We do our homework in the library (I’m in college, remember?) and last but not least: we eat entirely from our mini fridge and microwave.

Yes, that little fridge that acts as mini-bar at most hotels you go to? That’s our only source of keeping food cold, and a microwave is our only way to heat things up. I’m learning to make some pretty delicious stuff in there, though.

I found myself constantly tweeting what I had for dinner, and realized that I was essentially writing a micro food blog.

And then I realized what a funny convergence this hotel life was with college life. I lived in the dorms for a year and though I had a meal plan, I knew what it was like to live out of a mini fridge and a microwave.

So here we are, mini fridges and microwaves, the completely odd hybrid of hotel and college life and you get a Mandy.